Amanda Bromfield

Amanda Bromfield - Sculptor and Ceramic Artist

Tucked over the other side of a sandy dune at Lennox Head beach nestles ceramicist Amanda Bromfield. Located in the NSW Northern Rivers region, Amanda is a contemporary artist who uses clay, her hands and her heart to create awareness about environmental and social issues in our world.

Amanda’s art strives to raise the collective consciousness and urges her audiences to be curious and question the seemingly unquestionable. It is her belief that positive change can occur through social awareness and conversation; her art acts as a kind of kindling, igniting our conscious flame.

As a result of the Covid19 lockdown, Amanda’s artistic emphasis has evolved. Now, her work has become laser focused on her immediate natural environment, the fragile coastal landscape. She has decided to celebrate the beauty and unique quality of Australian flora and fauna. The ever-present issues of climate change, industrialisation and extinction continue to damage our natural ecosystems, having dire effects on our natural planet.

At such a crucial moment in our ecological history, Amanda’s art warns of the fragility of natural biological processes including weathering and erosion, the consequences of time and the duality of man and nature. She sculpts birds, local species and migratory birds who notoriously seek refuge along the subtropical north coast, and she also constructs pots decorated with bird motifs.

Amanda enjoys the slow clay process of hand building objects, in particular coiling pots decorated with emblems that combine elements of the hydrosphere and biosphere. She decorates the clay surfaces of her ceramics, imprinting markings of native flora or fauna. Amanda often incorporates the prints taken from banksia pods, tuckeroo seeds and pandanus fruits into her pieces.

This time has reinvigorated Amanda’s enjoyment for the craftmanship of ceramics; hand making, collecting objects from the local environment and perusing her love of glaze making. Amanda now sources the ingredients for her clays, slips and glazes locally, her work is literally made of Lennox Head, combining local soils, sand, clay and earth. The lockdown has prompted the opportunity for self-reflection; to stop, breathe and fall in love with the creatures in our own backyard. Amanda’s focus has turned inward, examining on a local scale what really matters to her.


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