Amanda Bromfield

Amanda Bromfield - ceramicist, performer and videographer

Amanda Bromfield is an emerging artist and consciousness raiser. She tells stories and makes work about social, political and environmental issues.

Over the past two years Amanda has been researching the long forgotten story of Brigid Partridge, the young woman who ran away from Mt Erin Convent in Wagga in 1920. The story of the ex-nun, Sister Mary Liguori ( as she was known in religion) was both scandalous and sensational at the time. Amanda brings the story of the nun's escape and imprisonment into the contemporary realm and develops connections to the omnipresent misogyny that permeates our society. Amanda's solo exhibition The Nun in the Nightgown. Brigid Partridge, a woman who had enough is open to the public at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery from 24th July to the 10th October.

When Amanda is not researching women's stories, you can find her dressed as a koala marching silently along city streets, country roads and seaside beaches carrying written messages about extinction and bushfire. Each of Amanda's marches are dedicated to creating public awareness about climate change, loss of biodiversity and, specifically, the immediacy of saving the koala. Amanda's short movie Army of One documents her daily marches in the Sydney CBD and across rural NSW to create awareness about extinction and bushfire.

Amanda's art practice is interdisciplinary. She uses clay and incorporates video and performance to create many of her installation pieces. Her studio, Lennox Ceramics is located at 20 Cliff Murray Lane, Lennox Head. 
Amanda has just completed an artistist residency with Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) at Hill End near Bathurst, NSW. During her month long residency Amanda met and interviewed local women about their life experiences in the old gold town. Amanda will build upon this research to make a body of work that will be exhibited in a solo show opening at BRAG on the 11th February 2022.

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