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New Work

I have just completed the first year of my Masters of Fine Arts in Ceramics at the National Art School In Darlinghurst, Sydney.

It has been twelve months since I completed an 8 week Artist in Residency at the ACT Potter's Society in Watson, Canberra. The purpose of my Residency was to locate Maggie Shepherd and research her fashion designs. Maggie began her career in women's fashion in the early 1980's. I did locate Maggie and I created a body of work called 'The Temple of Fashion'. This body of work is currently being exhibited at the Watson Arts Centre. The exhibition runs until February 5 2017.

'Gone Girl' opened at Ballina on the 29th September. This exhibition consisted of a performance and installation, both were dedicated to the women who have died this year as a result of domestic violence. The work was inspired by the rape and murder of Stephanie Scott, a young high school teacher who taught at Leeton High School (April 5th, 2015). $1,500 was raised for Hope Haven, women's refuge in Ballina. The performance was videoed and now can be found on You Tube

'Damned Whores and God's Police' Exhibition was opened by the Federal Minister for the Arts at the Lismore Regional Gallery on August 18.The Exhibition continued until the 24th September 2016.

The TACA Open Studios - North Coast Mud Trail was my first Open Studio (20th - 21st August).

Both my 'Bluestocking' Exhibition at the Ballina Northern Rivers Community Art Gallery and 'Cool Cockies' Exhibition at Mullumbimby were very sucessful. One of my Cockies was chosen as a finalist in the North QLD Ceramic Art Prize.

'Stuck in the Mud' currated by Madeleine Preston at Verge Gallery in Sydney has now closed. My work for this exhibition was called 'The Woman's Bureau', it was about, Revolution, women and iconic Russian propaganda posters.

I continue to make my own DIM (do it myself) glazes! Im becoming quite the chemist. I have have some lovely bright and luscious glazes that run and reflect light and colour. 

My work 'Untitled' was preselected as a Finalist in the Gold Coast International Ceramic Awards, this group show opened on 1st September.

Pretty pink

As part of my Masters program I have been comparing the real or found object with the ceramic  representation of that same object. What do you think? Does this look real enough for you?

Part of the New Work collection.
Materials: Cone 2 Ceramic.
BRT engobes, slips, stains, oxides
Dimensions: 14cm h x 22cm w x 5cm d

Nappy to Nappy.

Youtube video.

The artist conducts an intimate conversation with the viewer, the artist discusses her life experiences and those of other women, she takes the standpoint of the older woman and relates some of the uncomfortable truths of a woman's life. #ageistart

Part of the New Work collection.
Materials: 7 minute youtube video.
Dimensions: h x w x d

My Undies.

I have been exploring the the bland and everyday experiences of women. This work is one 27 pairs of women's underpants that have been recreated in clay. Each pair of underpants is hand made and glazed. 

Part of the New Work collection.
Materials: BRT Clay
Low fire, Cone 2.
Engobes, underglaze, slip and oxides.

Dimensions: 30cm h x 30cm w x 3cm d

Its in the Bag

Have you ever wondered what women keep in their handbags?

I have been exploring the every day life of a women.

This exploration of the self has enabled me to identify objects that represent the lives and events in the lives of women.

Part of the New Work collection.
Materials: White clay. low fire.
Glazes and lusters.
Dimensions: 22cm h x 28cm w x 12cm d

Drawers in Drawers.

This piece is part of an installment called Drawers in Drawers. The installation is one of 7 installations that forms part of "The Everyday Woman, So Much More Than Undies." body of work which was made as part of my  MFA1 project.

Part of the New Work collection.
Materials: Found Objects; wooden drawers, silk, tissue paper and ceramic underpants.

Dimensions: 10cm h x 30cm w x 30cm d

Cool Cockies, some of the flock

A group image of 4 of the 9 cockatoos made for the 'Cool Cockies Exhibition that opened at Club Mullum at the Ex Services Club in Mullumbimby NSW. The Exhibition was currated by Debby Gower.

Part of the New Work collection.
Materials: PB103
mid to hired fire, cone 6 - 9
artist made glazes

Dimensions: 20cm h x 10cm w x 20cm d

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