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Women's Business Collection

The Womens Business Collection is about women and the issues that women face. Issues that are current and from the past. 

Gone Girl Installation and Performance

Artist Statement.

This work is dedicated to the memory of Stephanie Scott, a 26 year old school teacher from Leeton NSW who was murdered on 5th April 2015, just days before her wedding. 'Gone Girl' is about loss not just loss of life but loss of innocence, independence and freedom. 'Gone Girl is also about memory, remembering and paying tribute to those women, old and young who are now gone from us. The death of Stephanie Scott motivated me to create a community awareness of 'violence against women' (VAG). Gone Girl is the result of my horror, my anger and my sorrow at Stephanie's death. I have created a memorial within the Gallery, a public place of memory where visitors can pay tribute to the victims of of domestic violence. I have made yellow ceramic dresses and handbags to be hung on the memorial. I have printed cards so that a message can be written and tied to the memorial. This memorial is based on the traditional memory poles that honor those that have left this life. I have chosen the colour yellow to decorate the memorial because that is the colour that the Scott family and the Leeton community chose to honor and celebrate the Stephanie and her life.

Part of the Womens Business collection.
Materials: 49 Ceramic dresses
22 Ceramic white ribbons
Ceramic handbags and signs
Steel and aluminium fence installation
Flowers, greenery, paper, coloured ribbon and other found objects
Performance by artist in a wedding dress. The ghost of the women killed in 2016 by DV
Dimensions: 2m h x 3m w x 4m d

The Women's Bureau (view 1)

Women and the Russian Revolution

Work created for 'Stuck in the Mud Exhibition' currated by Madeleine Preston at Verge Gallery, Sydney. (September 2016)

Part of the Womens Business collection.
Materials: stoneware



Dimensions: h x w x d

An Angry Penguin

Australian Artists and women

Donation to Lismore Regional Gallery as a fundfraiser for the new Art Gallery

Part of the Womens Business collection.
Materials: Stoneware
Cone 6 glazes,
Dimensions: h x w x d

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