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The Colonials Collection

I am particularly concerned by the greed of consumers and the extravagant misuse of resources to satisfy demand.

Multinational companies promote lifestyle and materialism .To cater for this increased demand the native environment is harvested, precious and finite resources disappear.

This trend began during the early days of exploration and settlement, particularly during the era of Colonialism.

Colonialism has lead directly to the extinction of species.


If birds were human, would they chop down trees?

Entry in Gold Coast Art Prize.

This ceramic sculpture is about species endangerment of the Double Eyed Fig Parrot in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, consumption and loss of Bio-diversity.

Part of the The Colonials collection.
Materials: BRT clay
Under glazed and glazed.
Fired to 1100 degrees
Dimensions: 27cm h x 14cm w x 15cm d

"European Fashion Awards featuring fine Tasmanian wool and exotic tiger print"

Part of the The Colonials collection.
Materials: Under glazed and glazed , fired to 1100 degrees.
Dimensions: h x w x d

Advocaat, Delft and Dodos

Advocaat, Delft and Dodos - Finalist in the 2013 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize.

Increased standards of living take their toll on the bio-diversity of this planet, as consumption increases, species become extinct. We are in the Sixth Age of Extinction*. The rate of extinction has hastened since the Voyages of Discovery by Columbus in 1492. The Dodo was the first recorded extinction of the Modern World, discovered by Dutch sailors on the island of Mauritius in 1662 and extinct within 90 years. In my work, the dress or costume becomes the metaphor for identity. Identity can be individual or, of society as a whole. This 17th century woman personifies Dutch society during this Golden Age of Exploration and Colonialism. She sips her advocaat cocktail, dressed in a beautiful gown, embroidered with Delft Ware patterning. Her dress represents the extravagant consumption of exotic items demanded by the economically mobile European society. The cocktail represents socio economic materialism and wasteful consumption. The economic and political paradigms that fuelled the race for Globalisation during the Golden Age continue today as Multinational Corporations strive for global dominance, increased consumerism and profits. The extinction of species is a given consequence of global progress and economic development. Bio-diversity "is going the way of the Dodo".

* Dr  Richard Leakey - Anthropologist.


Part of the The Colonials collection.
Materials: Under glazed and glazed BRT.
Fired to 1100 degrees
Dimensions: h x w x d

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